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Step by Step Hair Tutorials

Our various hairstyle tutorials will guide you to style braids, ponytails, buns and more, plus plenty of hair tricks no matter how long your hair is... you can find one of the hair tutorials for styling a great look.

Hollywood Glam Waves

Whether you have a gala or just a girl’s night out, the voluminous
curves and stunning shine that come together in this classic
blowout, will get you noticed.

Summer Bohemian Rolls

The top bobo (bohemian bourgeoisie) look this year. It was seen at
festivals & fashion weeks. It’s a perfect fusion of control & freedom.
For an independent and free spirit!

Sleek Bob

This sharp and shiny classic is the perfect look to impress.
Job interviews, engagement photos and gym selfies all deserve
the brilliance and definition of a sleek bob.

Bandaged Ponytail In 8 Steps

The perfect look to steal the spotlight. The classic ponytail
is bandaged and looped to provide shine and stunning body:
the flawless duo of volume & sleek in one look.

Deconstructed French Twist

A simple remix of the classic French twist that adds a chic ponytail
to create the ultimate balance of sleek shine and feminine grace.
Ideal for interviews & superb for soirées.

Hair Care For Golden Blonde Hair

For subtle, natural-looking blonde hair, the key is a little brightening and a lot
of nourishment. These four steps will get you the look and feel you want.

Braided Buns

This catwalk combines spotlight-level shine and festival – grade
braids. In nine simple steps you’ll be ready to strike a pose for a big
night out or a yoga session.

How To Nourish And Define Curls

How To Style Your Hair Overnight? Like bedtimes stories for your hair,
these nighttime tricks from our hairdressers featuring the 8H Magic Night Serum
will have you waking up gorgeous.

Double Top Knot

In six steps, you can have a chic, avant-garde look that is suitable
for everything. This vertical assembly of twisted buns offers a
playfully beautiful take on a classic.

Hair Care For Blonde Highlights

Beautiful highlighted blonde hair requires extra moisturizing and
brightening. Follow these four steps to get the most from golden locks.

Braided Chignon

Elevate your hair game with this low-set bun. This simple, seven
step, braided chignon is ultra-chic and perfect for any occasion.

Sleep Your Way To Healthier Blonde Hair

Adopt these simple steps into your night routine for a beautiful blonde hair all year long.
Faux blonde hair is notorious for its upkeep and care demands. Not only do blondes spend
a lot of time in the salon, they take their at-home care seriously. Serum Cicanuit keeps
blonde hair healthy and bright, straight through to the next salon visit.

Volume Blowout

A surefire and simple classic that never fails to impress for any
occasion without costing you extra time or effort, the volume
blowout is the fastest way to big shine.

Wrapped Chignon

High gloss and gorgeous structure make this look an ideal way of
standing out. This is the perfect look if you are searching for extra
shine with a few elegant twists.
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