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Deconstructed French Twist

A simple remix of the classic French twist that adds a chic ponytail
to create the ultimate balance of sleek shine and feminine grace.
Ideal for interviews & superb for soirées.

Step 1

Apply L’Incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion or L’Incroyable Blowdry Crème Hair Cream on damp hair and blow dry with a round hair brush.

Step 2

Isolate a rectangle on top of the head and the 2 sections framing the face.

Step 3

Tease the section in the back by taking the vertical part and spray V.I.P. Texturizing Spray at the roots.

Step 4

Bring the right section to the left and secure with flat hair clips.

Step 5

Bring the right section to the left and secure with flat hair clips.

Step 6

Tease the roots of the top part, spray V.I.P. Texturizing Spray at the roots and brush.

Step 7

Bring the left section towards the right and secure with big bobby pins while tucking the hair under.

Step 8

Spray Laque Noire Hair Spray all over for hold.

Deconstructed French Twist Routine

Discover the products that will help you bring a little twist to your hair.
This routine is for all hair types.

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