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Discover how we combine our deep knowledge of hairdressers and their clients to imagine a world of hair care products that would exceed expectations

Ebonee Davis Kerastase banner

Meet Ebonee Davis - New Kérastase Ambassador

Ebonee Davis (@eboneedavis) brings strength and wisdom to the luxury haircare world as Kérastase brand ambassador. With her unique point of view on visibility and diversity in the fashion industry, she represents a modern approach to inclusive beauty. Her willingness to speak out continuously makes her an ideal symbol of the Kérastase You Dare, We Care philosophy.

Charlotte Lawrence - New Kerastase Ambassador

Meet Charlotte Lawrence - New Kérastase Ambassador

Kérastase is pleased to announce that singer-songwriter and actor Charlotte Lawrence (@charlotteslawrence) is joining as brand ambassador. With her powerfully vulnerable music, unconventional sense of style and ever-changing hair, Charlotte represents the Kérastase spirit of You Dare, We Care by fearlessly stalking her own path in the music and acting industries. Through her uniquely honest recordings and performances, she inspires people all over the world to see their own emotional journeys as a source of empowerment and individuality.

10 Things You Should Know About Fusio-Dose Hair Treatment

Fusio-Dose is Kérastase’s iconic, in-salon customized hair care treatment. Fusio-Dose launched back in 2011 and has been pushed to the next level in 2022, with the addition of concentrated skincare actives, for more performance.

Book an appointment at your nearest Kérastase salon to enjoy this game-changing hair treatment.

7 Steps To Create A Bouffant Ponytail

Straightforward, striking and simply elegant, the bouffant ponytail
is a fast way to remarkable volume that is ready for the
gym, the gala or the grocery store.
Quest for longer hair

Growing Out Healthy, Long Hair

Introducing Résistance Extentioniste, a new family of hair care products focused on keeping hair strong and healthy, so no matter the length of your new long hair, it will always be looking shiny and strong.
Easiest blonde hair care you can dream of banner

The Easiest Blonde Hair Care You Can Dream Of

Blonde hair care is notoriously rigorous, as bleached hair is the most
delicate type, requiring intensive care. But the magic of Serum Cicanuit is
that it delivers concentrated nourishment to sensitized faux blonde hair
overnight with hardly any effort at all. Simply apply 1-2 pumps
of the serum to dry hair, brush it through before bed and... et voila! You will
wake up with a stronger, more hydrated blonde hair.

Wrapped Chignon

High gloss and gorgeous structure make this look an ideal way of
standing out. This is the perfect look if you are searching for extra
shine with a few elegant twists.
Summer hair color trends

Summer Hair Color Trends

Summer hair colors vary year to year, but blonde hair never goes out of style, so learn how to refresh
your natural blonde hair color or where to begin your first foray into the light side.
Millie Mackintosh Wedding hair care routine banner

Millie Mackintosh’s Long Hair Ritual

It’s three months until Millie’s wedding. This regular hair care routine promises to get her long, healthy hair by her big day. Here is the step-by-step at-home routine Millie is relying on to reach her long hair goals, just in time for her summer nuptials. With the help of this routine, you can learn how to grow you hair long with Millie.
Long hair care

How to Care For Longer Hair

Cascading from a brilliant woman’s head to whatever length she pleases, her long hair seems an extension of herself. The longer it is, the longer it’s been with her, holding her secrets.

Volume Blowout

A surefire and simple classic that never fails to impress for any
occasion without costing you extra time or effort, the volume
blowout is the fastest way to big shine.
Fusio-Dose Boosters

Your Personalized Hair Treatment

Three women, searching for something... more.
How we created the treatment of their dreams
with Fusio-Dose. Never settle for less
than perfection.

Double Top Knot

In six steps, you can have a chic, avant-garde look that is suitable
for everything. This vertical assembly of twisted buns offers a
playfully beautiful take on a classic.
How to grow longer hair image

Spring Training for Longer Hair

Hair growth goals aren’t much different from training goals; you need to implement a program to get there. Start your program to get your hair in the best shape of it's life. Watch as it grows longer in better shape with the right at-home routine and powerful salon boosters.
How to care for faux blonde hair banner

How To Care For Faux Blonde Hair

Going blonde is exhilarating. But stripping the hair leaves
it naked and vulnerable. Blond Absolu provides fiber care
and neutralization for more luminous blonde hair.
Nourished waves hair step 1

6 Steps To Get Soft Nourished Waves

How To Style Your Hair Overnight? Like bedtimes stories for your hair, these
nighttime tricks from our hairdressers featuring the 8H Magic Night Serum
will have you waking up gorgeous.
Aura botanica ingredients banner

The Finest Ingredients On Earth

Samoan Coconut Oil, Amazonian Brazil Nut Oil, Mexican Aloe Vera, Thai
Rice Bran Oil, Paraguayan Sugar & Moroccan Argan Oil, these ingredients
impart unparalleled benefits on the hair. Explore the natural actives that
give Aura Botanica its incredible power.

Sleek Bob

This sharp and shiny classic is the perfect look to impress.
Job interviews, engagement photos and gym selfies all deserve
the brilliance and definition of a sleek bob.
Post treatment for extremely bleached hair banner

Post Treatment For Extremely Bleached Care

In order to deeply recover your blonde hair after bleaching, meet
our new module: Blond Absolu Cicaextreme. Even after the most
difficult bleach blondes will shine again and recover health.
What kind of blonde are you article hero banner

What Kind Of Blonde Are You?

There are as many types of blondes as there are women in the world. Some keep it subtle, others want all the drama. We’ve identified six iconic levels of blonde along the spectrum—with Blond Absolu routines to match. What kind of blonde are you?
Elixir ultime bottle from top

The Making Of Elixir Ultime Fragrances

As an iconic fragrance that has marked many manes for nearly ten years, we explore the unique olfactory structure of the remarkable products of the Elixir Ultime range. Top, heart and base notes work together to create a perfect hair perfume.
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