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Hair growth product for men

Hand’s Down — These Are The Best Hair Growth Products For Men

Our new collection Genesis Men is a dual-action range of hair thickening products for men that instantly volumizes hair, whilst offering effective long-term results.

6 weeks
To reduce men's hair loss*

70% more
hair fiber diameter***

85% more
hair fiber strength**

Fuller hairline**

*Clinical study, 99 people, after 6 weeks of use of Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
**Instrumental test using Bain de Masse épaississant + Cire
d'Épaisseur Texturisante + Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
*** Instrumental test using Bain de Masse épaississant + Cire
d'Épaisseur Texturisante

While hair thinning and hair fall can feel quite isolating, 70% of men have to deal with hair fall at some point in their lives. For the 16% of men that do treat their hair loss, many have found the products out there to be inconvenient and lacking instant results.

Kérastase understood the need to create a product line with great textures that offered both quick and long-term results. Enter: Genesis Men, a collection that we believe is the best anti-fall action hair care for men.

Kérastase Genesis Homme hair before after

The Benefits of Using Genesis Men Products for Men's Hair Growth

Kérastase Genesis Homme hair before after

With Genesis Men collection, you get results fast - we’re talking after just one use. Hair fiber is instantly 85% stronger and 5 times fuller**. But it’s with consistent use that you start to see the real long-term benefits. After 6 weeks of daily use, hair loss is reduced* and there is noticeably better hair fiber retention.

*Clinical study, 99 people, after 6 weeks of use of Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant
**Instrumental test using Bain de Masse épaississant + Cire
d'Épaisseur Texturisante + Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant

What ingredients help prevent men's hair loss?

Genesis Men is composed of 5 fortifying hair thickening products for men that are all powered by an effective cocktail of ingredients, formulated by a team of experts to tackle men's hair loss and hair thinning.

For instantly more hair volume, there is the combination of ginger root, creatine and expanding polymer that immediately strengthen the hair fibers and plump the existing hair for a fuller look, fast.


Kérastase Genesis Homme ingredients: creatine, aminexil and ginger root extract

As an alternative to Minoxidil, Kérastase uses 1.5% Aminexil, which fortifies the root of the hair and anchors it better into the hair follicle. It also protects against environmental aggressors like pollution and UV rays whilst preventing the collagen from hardening around hair strands.

As a L’Oréal research-active, it has the capability to inhibit the rigidity of the collagen network*. In simple terms that means it works hard to keep the root of each strand supple and anchored to the scalp.
* In vitro (fibroblast culture)

Studies also showed that regular hair treatments with Aminexil have a substantial impact on the seasonality of hair growth cycles:

In Spring,
Aminexil counteracts the hair falling phase

In Autumn,
Aminexil preserves hair density

Best Hair Growth Products For Men

Genesis Men is a concise collection of just 5 hair products dedicated to men with hair loss. Choose between Bain de Force Quotidien or Bain de Masse Épaississant, the two best shampoos to target your hair loss. Select the Spray de Force Épaississant or the Cire d'Épaisseur Texturisante to texturize your hair, and cherish your hair with our powerful Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant.

How to choose the best hair growth shampoo for you? A little of these shampoos go a long way. While we recommend Bain de Masse Epaississant for severe cases of hair loss, the hair growth shampoo you pick really comes down to your preferences. Bain de Force Quotidien is a shampoo with a cooling effect leaving hair fresh and natural to the touch, whereas Bain de Masse Epaississant is a shampoo with texturizing effect whilst still leaving hair soft and shiny.

Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifant our hero product is the only one to contain the 1.5% Aminexil – an alternative to Minoxidil - and is formulated to be used daily to fortify weakened strands prone to thinning and hair loss in men. The translucent serum-like gel is clinically proven to reduce the rate of hair loss after 6 weeks*.

It works to slow down the shedding process and re-anchor the hair fiber to the root to minimize hair loss. It also works to effectively preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier to keep roots shielded from environmental aggressors. As if that isn’t enough, the formula also has a significant soothing effect to reduce any unwanted itchiness and discomfort after just 3 weeks.

Expert tip: Make sure you use this serum every single day - you don’t have to use it at the same time or after you have washed your hair. So put it by your bed and use it every day for 6 weeks to see the thicker, stronger, hair that you wanted and patiently worked for.

1: Use Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant once daily in the morning or before going to bed during a 6-week period.
2: Apply 4 doses on dry or towel-dried hair scalp, section by section.
1 dose= 1 pipette until the mark.
3: Do not rinse.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

*Clinical study of 99 people, after 3 weeks of use (soothing) and 6 weeks of use (hair loss) of Sérum Anti-Chute Fortifiant.

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