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Youth Infusion Hair Care

Advanced technology meets extreme luxury for powerful
anti-aging care in a highly sensual experience.

In the modern era, things move fast. It’s not just the day-to-day that
feels frenzied, it’s the year-over-year, the way you stop and think, oh my,
where did the time go? And who is this person in the mirror? She’s
someone older, wiser. Better than before.

An exciting new category helping you look & feel the best version of yourself.

And yet, with the stress of modern life, and the external aggression of pollution and
sun exposure, we are noticing the signs of aging hair are coming on more
aggressively. Which is why Kérastase has identified 6 dimensions of aging scalp and
hair, and created a scientifically sophisticated, sensually indulgent hair care system to
address them with precious actives. Chronologiste attacks these issues head-on.

Hair color and texture change with the age:
Chronologiste is your solution

Chronologiste brings a powerful combination
of three ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine — in advanced formulas that target
each of the 6 signs of aging directly. The range is presented in a series of products that work
in concert to restore the hair to its former vitality and protect against the effects of time.

Essential Revitalizing Purifying

Purifying pre-shampoo
to promote a balanced scalp.

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Essential Revitalizing Shampoo

Revitalizing shampoo to gently remove
impurities from scalp and fiber.

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Essential Revitalizing Hair Mask

Revitalizing and nourishing hair mask
for durable moisture & shine.

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Essential Revitalizing Blow Dry Care

Refining and smoothing leave-in for
healthy texture and protection.

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Fragrant Oil

Fragrance oil with the exceptional combination of noble notes
from the world of fine fragrance.

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The New Guard

In addition to the usual luxury bain-and-masque combination, we’ve added Pré-
Cleanse Régénérant, a black gel pre-shampoo treatment that detoxifies the scalp,
toning the skin and freeing it from dead cells and clogged pores. For after
conditioning, Thermique Régénérant is a leave-in youth-revitalizing blowdry cream
that refines texture and seals the cuticles while protecting the hair from further
damage due to heat styling.

The In-Salon Hair Treatment

Rituel d’Exception Régénérant combines the essential
revitalizing mask infused with Abyssine & Hyaluronic Acid
and vital concentrate pearls. Instantly transforms hair and
scalp with durable moisture, softness and shine.

Chronologiste Routine

Give your hair an exceptional and complete ritual Chronologiste combines luxurious advanced technology
and unique sensory experience. This restorative treatment sublimates
all hair types, from scalp to ends.

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