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Hair Care Tips

Discover a curated list of top hair care tips that will help you turn the dream of healthy hair into reality with proper hair care.

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Meet Ebonee Davis - New Kérastase Ambassador

Ebonee Davis (@eboneedavis) brings strength and wisdom to the luxury haircare world as Kérastase brand ambassador. With her unique point of view on visibility and diversity in the fashion industry, she represents a modern approach to inclusive beauty. Her willingness to speak out continuously makes her an ideal symbol of the Kérastase You Dare, We Care philosophy.

How To Layer Hair Fragrance by Kérastase

There are many ways to layer products and scents for maximum impact. Learn how to layer fragrance with Kerastase's Elixir Ultime, the hair shine-inducing scent with olfactory features strategically chosen for their sensual qualities & incredible staying power.

Beautiful Hair Is Not Related to Age Anymore

Day after day, year over year, we live our lives to the fullest. Experiences,
achievements and milestones are occurring all the time.
When we stop to reflect on the trials and triumphs,
we sometimes find that our beauty has shifted. Sensitivity
and slackness appears at the scalp, while the hair
becomes dry and dull. Time begins to show.
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Hair Care For Summer Hair

We may not be able to reach far-flung destinations this year,
but our limited-edition gifts and travel size hair products are perfect
for any break, even the one's closer-to-home.

The Raw Power of Essential Oils For Hair

Inside a small percentage of plants, there are rare, precious powers to be unlocked. Applied to the skin and the senses safely, essential oils benefits can shift the mind and body to a thriving, harmonious state. Try our personalized treatments and share our obsession with the luxurious wisdom of nature.
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