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Hair Care Tips

Discover a curated list of top hair care tips that will help you turn the dream of healthy hair into reality with proper hair care.

Wake-Up Winter-Worn Hair Spring Awakening

Has your hair been hibernating? Perhaps it is time for a wake-up
call. Reinvigorate your hair with a boost of Fusio-Dose
freshness in salon followed by a tailored at-home routine. Hair is
as joyous and radiant as spring itself.

Combat Hair Fall With
Genesis Hair Care

Work, play, rinse, repeat. You get addicted to the pace, caught up in the
excitement, regardless of the daily toll that stress takes on our
bodies. Pair your fast-lane lifestyle with environmental factors and
hormonal changes, and the evidence is clear: these are all reasons for
hair loss. You begin to find a trail of hair fall strands on your
clothes, in the shower, in your brush and everywhere else.

Genesis is not a hair loss product.

Emily Ratajkowski - The Beauty
Behind Our Brand

There are lots of reasons why Emily Ratajkowski is unforgettably magnetic.
Get up close and personal with Emily, the new face of Kérastase, to know
more about our collaboration with this modern beauty icon.

Our Guide to Oily Scalp and Dry Ends

Kerastase's Guide to Balancing Your Oily Scalp and Dry Ends Tending to a greasy scalp while hydrating dry lengths is a proven challenge; that is, until now. Discover the new Specifique hair care range that will balance your hair and scalp beautifully.

The Power Of Heat Protectants

Prepare to be blown away. A quad of powerhouse hair primers perform
even when styling brings the heat. Thermique technology is the essential
first step to easier, healthier hairstyling, for perfect hair, every time.
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