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Chroma Absolu

Chroma Absolu


Chroma Absolu introduces breakthrough innovation to the luxury color care market that focuses on treating the color from
the inside out, and not just the surface. Beautiful hair color starts with healthy hair. With an extensive team of experts, stylists,
and scientists, Kerastase uncovers new formulas and ingredients to target color-treated and damaged hair.


Discover the New Range for All Color-Treated Hair

Range of 7 products to protect hair fibers and preserve hair color intensity

What are the Chroma Absolu Benefits?

Chroma Absolu Benefits - Before and After

Formulated with color protecting and ultra-caring acids, the range addresses the 3 main challenges that color care users face: porosity and breakage, color induced frizz, & color instability and dullness.

The innovative formulas provide 96% more strength*, reduce color induced frizz by 77%**, and provide 74% more shine***.
After 6 weeks, 92% color intensity is preserved****.

* Instrumental test: Soin acide Chroma Gloss + Sérum Chroma Thermique
** Instrumental test: Sérum Chroma Thermique
*** Instrumental test: Bain Chroma Respect
****Instrumental test: Bain Riche Chroma Respect + Masque Chroma Filler

About the Ingredients, Told by Our Experts

Chroma Absolu uses its innovative new technology, featuring ultra-caring acids and Centella Asiatica, to protect the core, middle, and surface of the hair. By decoding the 3 layers of damage that derives from color treated hair, our formulas are able to target the different types of color induced and recover hair health from the inside out. With an extensive team of experts, stylists, and scientists, Kerastase uncovers new formulas and ingredients to target color-treated and damaged hair.

Penetrates the cortex to rebuild hair from inside out

Reduces oxidative stress and shields against external damage

Gently exfoliates and seals surface to reduce frizz and boost shine

Healing millenary plant helps recover fiber heath

Meet Hovig Etoyan, our hairstylist, sharing his pro tips

In-Salon: Booster Resurfaçant and Concentré Acide Aminé

Our new Fusio-Dose treatments

Whether coloring your hair at-home or in-salon, color-treated hair consumers deserve the ultimate personalized at-home care and treatment services as if they were at the finest salons worldwide. An experience found only with Kerastase.

Following our professional diagnosis is our iconic, and exclusive, Fusio-Dose treatment, which deeply cares for the hair & addresses unique hair needs, such as caring for, enhancing, and protecting the color.


Pro Tips

Professional Tips by Hovig Etoyan

TIP 1 : How to prevent color from stripping away ?

TIP 2 : How long should I wait to wash my hair after a color service?

TIP 3 : How to protect my hair from heating tools such as blow-dryer ?

TIP 4 : Masque or Conditioner? What should I use on my daily routine

TIP 5 : How to avoid premature color fading and preserve color for longer?

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