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Genesis Homme Spray de Force Épaississant

Vaporisateur rehausseur de force et d’épaisseur pour cheveux fragiles sujets à l’amincissement. Soins capillaire et spray cheveux pour cheveux fins.

Genesis Homme Spray de Force Epaississant

Genesis Homme Spray de Force Épaississant

Vaporisateur rehausseur de force et d’épaisseur pour cheveux fragiles sujets à l’amincissement. Soins capillaire et spray cheveux pour cheveux fins.

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Le Spray de Force Épaississant de la gamme Genesis Homme de Kérastase est un vaporisateur rehausseur de force et d’épaisseur conçu pour les cheveux fragiles sujets à l’amincissement et pour les cheveux fins.

  • Épaissit chaque fibre pour une masse capillaire plus fournie et fortifiée.
  • Procure une sensation instantanée de chevelure plus abondante.
  • Augmente instantanément le volume pendant 24 h et ajoute de la texture à partir des racines pour un effet naturel.

  • Augmentation de la masse capillaire de plus de 25 %* après une application
  • Augmentation du diamètre capillaire de plus de 5 %*

  • Tenue légère et non collante qui épaissit instantanément chaque fibre pour une masse capillaire plus fournie et fortifiée.
    Traitement pour la calvitie pour aider à prévenir l'apparence de la calvitie.

    * Test de performance après application du Spray de force épaississant

    Ingrédients Clés

    Comment utiliser

    Étape 1 : Vaporiser le Spray de Force Épaississant dans les mains.
    Étape 2 : Faire pénétrer dans les cheveux mouillés.
    Étape 3 : Ne pas rincer.

    En cas de contact avec les yeux, rincer immédiatement et abondamment.

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    Our Fragrance Philosophy

    We believe fragrance is an essential element of the haircare experience. When you decide to enjoy a bain, mask or styling product, an entire sensorial world opens up. Instantly, your spirits are lifted. The fragrance lingers as you move through your day, a constant reminder of one truly luxurious moment.

    Master perfumers create the iconic fragrances in Kérastase products, selecting only the finest ingredients—natural or synthetic—for a blend that smells pleasant and represents an authentic expression of the experience of the product or range.

    Ingredients are distinct from notes. Notes represent scents from nature that can be sensed upon smelling the fragrance. Each fragrance is a blend of notes, which are classified in three categories, forming a fragrance pyramid: top notes, heart notes and base notes.

    How we build the olfactory experience: Genesis Homme

    The work of an accomplished nose, the Genesis Homme scent is a citrus-forward fougère with a rounded woodiness, representing a caring experience that invigorates the senses and uplifts the spirit.

    The Genesis Homme accord provides an olfactory journey through all layers of fragrance. Top notes bloom from the bottle and become apparent during shampooing, while the heart note enriches the fragrance at each stage of the experience. The base note ensures a long-lasting fragrance on dry hair, to be enjoyed throughout the day.

    Top Notes


    Heart Notes


    Base Notes


    Discover the ingredients by olfactive family

    To achieve the full olfactory expression of Spray de Force Épaississant, we have created a delicate blend of molecules from carefully chosen ingredients. Each ingredient has a scientific name.These are listed below, classified in their olfactive families.

    Ingredients found in nature (scent molecules can either be extracted from natural ingredients or reproduced synthetically to preserve ecosystems).

    • Benzyl alcohol: Slight floral rosy note with almond inflection naturally present in jasmin
    • Benzyl benzoate: A balsamic floral note with fruity sweet nuances present in various white florals like Ylang, jasmine, tuberose
    • Citronellol: Floral rosy note naturally present in geranium
    • Methyl dihydrojasmonate: Floral delicate and petally note with jasmin inflection, naturally present in Osmanthus
    • Linalyl acetate: Aromatic floral note, smells like earl grey tea naturally present in lavender and bergamote
    • 2,4-Dimethyl-4,4a,5,9b-tetrahydroindeno[1,2-d]-1,3-dioxin: Floral Magnolia note
    • Benzyl salicylate: Smooth and delicate solar floral note naturally present in Ylang Ylang
    • Ethyllinalool: Fresh floral note with aromatic and freesia inflection such as coriander
    • 2-Methyl-3-(p-isopropylphenyl)propionaldehyde: Bright foral note with lily and the valley and watermelon inflection, reminiscent of cyclamen
    • Linalool: Floral note present in many aromatics plants such as lavender & basil
    • 6,10-Dioxaspiro[4.5]decane, 8,8-dimethyl-7-(1-methylethyl)-: Woody ingredient with floral and fruity aspects
    • Tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes: Woody note with cedar inflection
    • omega-Pentadecalactone: Warm musky scent found in angelica roots and hibiscus seeds with a powdery violet/iris sweetness
    • Ethylene brassylate: Musky note with powdery floral, woody and vanilla inflection
    • Oxacycloheptadec-10-ene-2-one: Musky note found naturally in ambrette seeds
    • Limonene: Citrus note found in many essential oils as orange, lemon and bergamote
    • Citral: Sparkling and acidulous citrus note naturally present in various citruses, verbenas and gingers
    • 6,6-Dimethoxy-2,5,5-trimethylhex-2-ene: Fresh vivid citrus note providing a sparkling grapefruit touch
    • Dipropylene glycol: Solubilzer with neutral scent
    • Coumarin: Powdery and almond note naturally present in tonka bean
    • 3-(4-isobutyl-2-methylphenyl)propanal: Fresh floral green note with lily of the valley and linden blossom nuances
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