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Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Hair Treatment

New In-Salon Hair Treatment K Water: How Does It Work?

It may seem like magic, and it almost is. K Water’s lamellar technology is a stunning new breakthrough in hair salon hair care, and it works instantly to create perfect hair. But how? Learn the science behind our latest hair care miracle.

The K Water Effect

As advanced hair care innovators, our scientists are always searching for new ways to answer to women's hair desires. Our latest discovery is nothing short of a revolution in hair care. The miracle of K Water is lamellar technology, an entirely new way to deliver instant nourishment and shine directly to the hair fiber, instantly. The results are plain to see.

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Hair Treatment

The elements of shiny hair

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Hair Treatment


A light, clear liquid, K Water is actually an anhydrous formula.
It has no water. It is a combination of glycol, caring agents and amino acids.

Experience the incredible
results of lamellar technology

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