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Kerastase invites you to discover Steampod 3.0, the steam styler
that allows you to instantly transform your hair to
straight or wavy hairstyles without the damage.



Discover the power of steam.

Steampod 3.0 is a hydrating steam styler* that allows you to transform instantly your hair with the patented steam technology: 2x smoother & faster** results, yet -78% damage*** while styling your hair. Optimal fiber respect use after use. Long lasting hairstyles, natural flow and softer hair, whatever the hairtype.
*0,8g/per min steam flow, vs regular straightener after 15 uses
**Instrumental test vs regular straightener
***Instrumental test vs regular straightener after 15 uses


Style any look you want

Straight or wavy hairstyles without the damage.

Waves creation: rotative cord

The champion of straightening

For best results, pre-apply your dedicated SteamPod smoothing cream or milk on wet hair, blowdry, and glide SteamPod down slowly and straighten your hair by sections: the thinner the section, the more precise the result. Take each small strand and slowly move the straightener downwards from root to tip (arrows on the tool pointing towards the tips of your hair) this way, you only need to pass over each section once!

Waves creation: rotative cord

Easy Wave Creation

Styling waves with a SteamPod has never been easier, thanks to the new rotative cord. Always section and pre-comb your hair. For natural waves, place a thin strand in the middle of the plates and wrap it around the tool. Then rotate the tool (arrows on the tool pointing to the tips of your hair) while slowly gliding downwards. Let the waves cool off for a few minutes before either shaking or brushing them for a very natural-looking result.

Waves creation: rotative cord

From waves to voluminous curls

Get curls with SteamPod! Section your hair and place the strand in the middle of the plates, arrows facing downwards. Wrap strand around tool and slide downwards slowly, you can rotate the tool horizontally with both hands to guide it. Add 1-2 drops of Serum to lengths and tips for more shine and humidity protection.

Share your best results

Take part in the #onepasschallenge and show us your instant hair transofrmation. Tag us with @lorealproeducationcanada and #lorealpro #steampod #onepasschallenge for a chance to be featured.

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