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Carly Quist

Carly Quist


Carly is an internationally trained stylist whose education throughout Europe and the U.S. makes her an expert in all hair techniques – from color to cut and styling.

Starting her training in Canada, Carly spent five years in London, honing her skills alongside Darren Fowler. Carly assisted on L'Oréal and Shu Uemura cutting classes in the UK and Scotland, before moving to New York City where she joined the TECH Artist team.

Having the opportunity to work inside and outside of the salon abroad has kept her at the forefront of seasonal trends and continuously inspires her as a stylist and educator. She is eager to share all of her experiences with her students, and shares in their excitement when they've mastered a new technique.

Carly has worked London, Paris, and New York Fashion Week, styling hair for Erdem, Jenny Packham, and Suno. Her work has been featured in Black Beauty and Pride magazines.


Q. When a client comes into your salon for the first time, how do you determine which hair haircare range to prescribe?

A. During our consultation, I carry out a full diagnosis of my client’s hair and scalp. During that process, I take into consideration everything from their hair profile, their length, texture, everyday hair routine, lifestyle and the main concerns or problems they have with their hair. Then, I have a close look and examine their hair and scalp to determine which hair care range to prescribe for them that visit.
Kerastase is a prescriptive range so there is literally something for everyone. It is also important to keep in mind that everyone’s hair changes from time to time or season to season therefore needs and concerns will change. Every client visit to my salon we re-diagnosis their hair to make sure they are using the correct range for their hair in between visits.

Q. How has performing the Kerastase Diagnosis helped strengthen the relationship with your clients behind the chair?

A. For me it has helped to really get to know everything about my client’s needs and wants for their dream hair. I want my client’s hair to look and feel healthy and beautiful not only when they leave the salon but also in between visits. I believe it goes hand-in-hand with consulting on which services you are performing that day to maintain that style and condition of the hair. It also really shows the thought process and detail behind personalizing an at-home regimen for their hair specifically.

Q. Can you share why a 3-Step Regimen is important for a client’s haircare routine?

A. A 3-Step regimen is important to really enhance the condition of the hair and maintain the style in between salon visits.

Q. Many clients experience seasonal changes with their hair and skin, are there certain regimens that you are suggesting more often during the summer?

A. Naturally, during the summer most client’s hair tend to be dryer and a bit more sensitized then normal. The temperatures are rising, we are going away on vacations, and our hair is seeing the sun, sea and different environments, which take a toll on it. I would recommend either using the Nutritive hair care range for dry hair, to replenish the moisture or the Resistance hair care range to strengthen any sensitized or weakened ends.

Q. Are there any products/routines that you like to encourage in the warmer summer months for clients whom may experience frizz?

A. I would recommend the Discipline hair care regimen, which is great to smooth any frizz. As for a styling product, one of my go-to’s, especially living in a high humidity climate, is L’incroyable Crème hair cream. It is a great blow dry lotion, you apply a coin size to wet hair and blowdry it in. It has an amazing anti-frizz factor that will combat humidity until you wash your hair again.

Q. If a client is shampooing their hair every day, which Cleanse, Treat, Prime do you like to prescribe and why?

A. When you are shampooing your hair every day, it tends to take a toll on your hair and dries it out. For the cleanse, treat and prime I would prescribe Bain Satin 1 shampoo, Lait Vital conditioner and Nectar Thermique blow dry primer. It is Kerastase’s Nutritive range, which is going to give moisture. It is a great range for an everyday moisturizing routine that will not weigh down the hair.

Q. What are your favorite summer product combinations behind the chair?

A. Elixir Ultime Original Oil and Serum Therapiste. Elixir Ultime Original hair oil gives great lightweight shine, while nourishing your ends and Serum Therapiste hair serum is great to close down your cuticle and seal the ends.

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