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Hair Masks for Sun Protection by Kérastase

Applying sunscreen is second nature for our skin: Why not care for our hair in the same way? Our hair can face damage due to uv rays from the sun. Protect your colored hair from harmful rays with Kérastase hair masks. Sun protection for your hair has never been simpler.

Sun Protection
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(1 product)
Soleil Masque Apres Soleil Hair Mask

Soleil Masque Après Soleil Hair Mask

Masque UV Défense Active is a hair mask for colored hair designed to offer sun protection for hair. The innovative formula in this hair mask for colored hair strengthens the hair fiber, as its anti damage concentrate ensures highlights enhancement, for an efficient sun protection for hair. Combined with the Photo Defense Filter, this replenishing hair mask for colored hair protects the hair from photo degradation, offering efficient sun protection for hair. Great for anyone with colored hair seeking sun protection for hair and uv hair protection.

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