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Your Personalized Hair Treatment

Three women, searching for something... more.
How we created the treatment of their dreams
with Fusio-Dose. Never settle for less
than perfection.

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Much like love, hair is highly personal. Each woman has her own set of concerns and
desires. She knows her hair and what it needs, but it’s sometimes hard to find the
right solution, the correct match. But hairdressers are the matchmakers of the salon
care game. They know how to find the ritual that suits every hair type and concern
perfectly. We created the ultimate care for three women who never thought they’d
find “the one”. With Fusio-Dose, customizable solutions are possible, every time.
Here’s how each girl found her perfect match.

Your personalized hair treatment fusio-dose moon

Moon: Repair Bleached Blonde Hair

Moon loves her blonde hair, but it comes at a cost. She puts her hair through a lot to
achieve this level of lightness. Blonde hair needs lots of antioxidants to stay bright
and healthy. Bleach actually strips the hair, leaving it weakened and vulnerable to
dryness and dullness. Blondes have more... responsibility!

Fusio Dose Moon solution

Her Solution:
Concentre Vita Ciment +
Booster Cicafibre

For hair that has been bleached, the first order of business is repair. Concentré Vita-
Ciment reconstructs and strengthens the fiber from within, protecting it from further
breakage. Next, our hairdresser adds a booster for blonde-specific hydration and
color correction for deep healing. The result is the softest, shiniest hair Moon has
seen yet. She and her blonde hair will live happily ever after.

Your personalized hair treatment fusio-dose ivana

Ivana: Strengthen Thin Hair

Ivana is obsessed with achieving fullness. She has baby-like thin hair that doesn’t
have a lot of natural body. She craves volume, movement and strength.

Fusio Dose Ivana solution

Her Solution:
Concentre Densifique +
Booster Reconstruction

For thin hair that is otherwise healthy, the solution is strengthening and densifying.
By toning and bodifying each strand, the formula texturizes the hair, leaving a
lightness that allows for more volume than ever before. For Ivana, it’s the perfect
solution—and such a relief to show her inner strength on the outside.

Your personalized hair treatment fusio-dose louise

Louise: Nutrition & Shine for Dull Hair

Louise has easy to deal with hair. It’s just that she loves to flirt with hair styling tools
and products, and finds that it dries out from summer fun and winter weather. Her
hair becomes rough and dull during stressful times. She’s searching for a way to
restore her hair’s proper nutrition and shine.

Personalized hair treatment louise solution

Her Solution:
Concentre Oleo Fusion +
Booster Brilliance

For hair that is dry and damaged, our hairdresser recommends a nourishing oil complex,
plus a shot of shine-inducing actives to smooth the hair. Deep penetrating nourishment
hydrates the fibers from the inside, and the booster coats and seals the surface
of the hair for intense radiance. Shay can hardly believe she’s found “the one.”

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