Thérapiste Résistance is designed to attend to the needs of very damaged and over-processed hair. This level of damage is often characterized by an overall impression of dryness, hair that is not as soft as it once was, with color less vibrant and ends that are damaged. Damaged, broken and brittle, the hair feels as if it is disintegrating and the ends appear burnt. It becomes washed out, faded, lifeless. The hair looks and feels inanimate. With Résistance Thérapiste, hair is given a second life.

Total price for Thérapiste : C$ 215.00


Reinforcing and refinishing shampoo. The hair fibre is strengthened from the inside and on the surface. Increases the fibre's resistance to wear. The hair's body and firmness are restored.


Reinforcing and refinishing treatment for damaged lengths and ends. Reconstruction treatments for weakened hair that repair both the hair fibre's internal structure and outer defensive layer.


The fibre is strengthened from within; the hair surface is fully coated with supple, ultra-efficient "shock-proofing". The hair's strength and shine are restored, while its fluidity and softness are preserved. It is smoothed, tamed and easier to style. Ciment Thermique: the cult product for blow-drying.