Kérastase has created Reflection, our first light-reflecting haircare regime which transforms each hair fibre, revealing a mirror-like shine. Coloured hair deserves special attention. It is important to use hair care that reinforces the fibre in order to maintain the cohesion of the cuticle. Moreover, coloured hair must be protected from oxidative stress linked to UV rays.

Total price for Réflection : C$ 150.00

  • Bathe
    Bain Chromatique Riche is a protecting shampoo for very sensitized color-treated or highlighted hair. Color remains vibrant, hair is sublimated.

    C$ 45.00
  • Treat
    TOUCHE CHROMATIQUE-COOL BLOND is an ink-in-care to mix in Masque Chromatique. It neutralizes unwanted yellow reflects for an enhanced cool blond.

    C$ 50.00
  • Texturise
    Fluide Chromatique is a softening essence for color-treated or highlighted hair. It nourishes and protects hair while providing a perfect radiance.

    C$ 57.00

Total price for Réflection : C$ 152.00

Total price for Réflection : C$ 217.00


Shampoo for colour-treated hair. The shampoo captures and prolongs the hair colour in its most perfect state. Deep, intense, luminous: your colour never fades.


Rinse-out treatment for coloured hair. The fondant prolongs the colour in its most perfect state and intensifies its shine whilst maintaining its lightness. Treating rinse-out care for coloured hair. Deep, intense, luminous: your colour never fades.


The first thermo-radiance protecting milk for colour-treated hair.

Technology: THERMO-SHINE
• Ceramids: solidify and smooth the hair fibre
• MEA 18: shine ingredient for a mirror-like shine effect
• U V filter: protects from photo-oxidation