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Le Chignon: See the Look

Le chignon

Precise sculptural forms elevate the up-do to the state-of-the-art.

When hair becomes art. Exquisitely pulled back and sculpted forms are wrapped with intertwining twists reminiscent of ropes.This sophisticated style goes beyond the traditional up-do and truly enters the realm of mastery. The intricate marriage of sculptural shapes is elevated to a modern-day masterpiece; the crowning glory of high-glamour with a delicate orchid.


Laque Noire

Laque Noire

Anti-humidity super shield fixing hairspray

Ramp up style with a timeless look. Laque noire enables customised hairstyles. Its micro-diffusion spray instantly and intensely helps set the style for either controlled volume or extreme structures. The most sophisticated looks stay under control and stay protected from humidity. Hold and antifrizz control come together to give hairstyles a couture signature.

Style Guide

Not just for the bride, the up-do enters every-day living with easy, modern twists. There isn’t a girl today who has not worn a top-knot in the last 60 days. Whether for a night on the town, or simply because she didn’t have time to wash her hair, the up-do has trickled down to become an everyday staple. Despite this, there is nothing that will have heads turning as much as an exquisite chignon (she-ng-on) for a glamourous soiree.

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