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A luscious explosion that takes volume to new heights.

Bigger, bouncy and brilliant volume. Roots are lifted, lengths are full of exaggerated volume and bounce. A statement-making style when worn by day with laid-back jeans and a tweed blazer, sensual when paired with a flowing gown by night; eternally seductive, volume so exquisite you dare to run your fingers through it.


Lift Vertige

Lift Vertige

Root-uplifting gel

Thanks to this uplifting gel, opulent, exaggerated volume is achievable. At the source of this high-performance product is a simple formula for lift, suppleness, elevation and no stiffness. A formula that can elevate roots from hair with subtlety and without the dreaded stiffness.

Style Guide

Oversized, bombastic big hair is the standard of volume today. Always a go-to editorially to showcase sensuality and femininity and worn today by celebrities like Adele, Cheryl Cole, even Secret Angels, the Oversized Volume trend is on the rise bringing back the age-old saying « bigger is better ».

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