The Kérastase Experience

CHAPTER 8: sweat, sport, braids

Keep fit & stay chic
with these sporty braids

There is nothing worse than the feeling of your hair getting sweaty and flopping around behind you as you try to get a good work out. We also wouldn’t want to sacrifice our daily chic in order to keep fit or better yet, run into a friend while leaving the gym knowing our hair isn’t at its best. That all ends now. Braids mean that the ever-classic workout ponytail isn’t going to flop and fill with sweat and you’ll look as chic as can be by simply rolling your braid up into a tight little bun so your impromptu encounter doesn’t leave you feeling flustered. So dare to braid when you’re at the gym, just don’t be surprised when your SoulCycle friends ask you how your hair always looks so fab even after such an intense class.

Some fools say yoga isn’t a workout, they’re wrong. Yoga is a workout for the mind, soul, and body – no matter which form you practice. As you flex your muscles in ways you never thought possible, think of twisting your hair into an equally simple and intricate twist braid. What’s great is after you’ve finished your final child’s pose and hit the changing rooms, you’re going to look equally refined and zen as you head down with some friends for a quick smootie (Kale is optional). Namaste our stylish and fit friends, Namaste.


If you’ve had a rough week, we highly recommend this workout – after one class all your tension is sure to be gone and you’ll leave feeling very very empowered. The strong cardiovascular workout combined with the impact of the punching bag (or your unfortunate sparring partner) allows you to burn carbs but also tighten and tone. A high-intensity workout calls for an intensely cool braid like this 3D braid worn high on the head.

Maybe it’s along the Seine or in Central Park, no matter where you go in the world you are sure to find a place where you can run. There’s nothing quite like that fantastically liberating feeling that you get from this form of cardio – a tremendous sense of freedom. A good run leaves you invigorated, satisfied, and a rush that can’t be beat (partially perhaps from the intense beats pumping through your headphones – no judgment if they’re Taylor Swift). The only thing you want on your back as you run is the wind, so tuck your hair up into a tight braided chignon and go forth, and run free!

Star Product

FIX Fabulous

The name says it all: a high hold spray that will fix your braided workout hair with a fabulous finish. Although the aerosol bottle might fool you into thinking it’s a wide-diffusion spray, Fix Fabulous is unique for it’s targeted high precision diffusion. This wonder worker texturizes the hair to better style, restyle, and sculpt your look as you sculpt your body.

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