The Kérastase Experience

CHAPTER 2: La Working Braid

Braids that are smart from
interview to board meeting.

A braid isn’t something many of us would typically think to wear to work, let alone to an interview. We think that braids are reserved for girls only in creative domains, boutiques, agencies, maybe even “cool” fashion jobs. But what of the accountant, the supply chain manager? Does she have to resign herself not to braid at the office? Our stance is that a braid can suit everyone from the lawyer to the young’un doing her first interview – it’s a way of showing personality, flair and sophistication without being too in-your-face ; in short, aside from a killer resume, it’s a way to stand out in the crowd.

Company events today are often the occasion where a crowd becomes a sea of black. Everyone pulls out the classic work black dress, black tights, black pumps (red soles optional) ; even the men are all in black suits. When everyone “looks” the same you want to stand out but without being garish. This sophisticated double braid will have everyone coming up to you and asking you how you created it – a great way to start a conversation, even with that HR manager you’ve been meaning to talk to about that upcoming promotion.


Nothing says power like a good power-suit the saying goes, right? Well we like to think that a key element in a power look is a great power braid.

For this look we turn to an old faithful, a tight, strict and modern French braid. Pulled back and cascading down your back it makes a strong statement and empowers you.

Also ideal for those days you have to present audits to clients, stand up in court or simply are meeting a client to help file their taxes.

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step-by-step guide to braids

Follow these step-by-step how-to’s to achieve the braid to suit your mood