Your hair touch up list

8 Occasions to
touch-up your hair

Just as you reapply lipstick, powder or hand cream during the day, a quick touch-up does not only apply to make-up.

Achieve a flawless look with luscious hair whatever the time or place thanks to Sérum Solide.



Touch up at the red light in the car. The interior mirror is not reserved solely for reapplying lipstick


Touch up at the restaurant when you are also off to powder your nose


Touch up on a night out to refresh your hairdo and your look


Touch up before leaving the house as part of your morning ritual


Touch up on the run to avoid frizzy hair every time it gets humid


Touch up at the office instead of chewing on your pen



Touch up after your workout to tame those rebellious hairs


Touch up on your way out of work for an evening catch up to fragrance your hair

What would be yours?

Tell us about your touch-up occasion using



Sérum solide

Sérum Solide

Experience perfect hair throughout the day with the new touch up gesture of the Sérum Solideportable oil balm to have your every hair needs met from AM to PM.

With its chic packaging the Sérum Solide acts as the perfect purse accessory, with easy access for instant touch-ups.


Let the solid serum melt between your fingertips and apply the tiniest amount of this concentrated hair balm to any hairstyle for the most amazing shine and lustrous finish. Keep in your purse as a quick-fix touch up to hair exposed to humidity or air-conditioned environments throughout the day and remember – a small amount of the balm melted between your fingertips goes a long way to fix frizzy or dull hair. To wake up with beautiful and nourished hair, massage a small amount of the Sérum Solide to any sensitized area overnight and cover your hair with a scarf for optimum penetration.

The haircare and styling possibilities with Sérum Solide are truly endless – so now we want to know; what’s your favorite #MySerumSolide look?


Kérastase recommends: Elixir Ultime to nourish your hair fiber

The benefits of adding natural oils to your haircare beauty routine are multiple and foremost due to both their inner and outer effects.

Applying precious oils contribute to a healthy hair growth, thanks to their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, but they oils also create a protective barrier shielding your hair from external damages. Natural oils such as Almond Oil, Walnut Oil and Coriander Oil will provide dry and fragile hair with boosted strength and high shine levels. Grape Seed Oil and Cranberry Oil will further boost regeneration and an intensive anti-oxidant action, leaving hair softer, lighter, fully nourished and more flexible.The combination of precious oils such as Camellia Oil, Pracaxi Oil, Argan Oil and Maize Sprouts Oil further strengthen their known qualities such as added shine, resistance, protection and hair nutrition.

A mere 4 years have gone by since the haircare industry was revolutionized by Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime oil treatment range consisting of items such as Bain à L’Huile Sublimatrice – the 1st high affinity cleansing oil, Masque D’Huile Sublimatrice – a deep infusion of precious oils for lavish care and Elixir Ultime – the repairing, priming and daily styling oil allowing for a great hair day, every day.

Elixir Ultime is suitable for all hair types, even damaged, thick and unruly hair thanks to its rich Omega-levels and smoothing properties of precious oils.