For Hair Losing Density

Declining hair mass is a dynamic, multi-faceted process that causes a quality alternation in the hair mass, lack of body due to thinning hairs, and weakened fibers more prone to breakage. The new Specifique & Densifique ranges are developed to boost the hair and scalp! They aid in the return to healthier, denser hair using different techniques. These products hydrate the fiber for thickness, fullness and resilience as well as penetrate the cuticle to compensate for surface irregularities and restore uniformity. Additional molecules reduce the breakage of hair fibers and encourage the growth of new hair.

  • Intensive Aminexil scalp and hair treatment to reduce thinning hair.
    C$ 78.00
  • Bain Prevention is a hair thinning prevention shampoo with stimulating properties to boost hair fiber production, thicken the hair fiber and bring immediate volume.
    C$ 45.00
  • Daily Spray for thinning hair. Thicker and stronger hair.
    C$ 85.00
  • Treatment mask that soothes and hydrates the scalp. Ideal for all hair types and treating sensitized scalps, it leaves the scalp refreshed and hair supple.
    C$ 65.00
  • This custom-designed shampoo supplies thickness, substance, and tone. The hair is left thicker, fuller, more resistant, and suppler.
    C$ 45.00
  • The delicate texture of this mask supplies smoothness and lightness to hair lacking thickness and offers fuller hair fibers from roots to ends.
    C$ 65.00
  • This mousse instantly transforms the hair fibers. Thickness, from roots to ends, is like added on and yet the fiber maintains a supple feel.
    C$ 48.00
  • All-over thickening spray gel - Flexible hold.
    C$ 43.00