Blogger Favorites

  • The first thickening effect shampoo that helps fine hair to create a feather-light volume.
    C$ 43.00
  • The first rinse-out treatment in the form of a transparent gel that helps the hair to create feather-light volume.
    C$ 48.00
  • This expansion spray brings long-lasting, substantial volume, with natural and supple hold.
    C$ 48.00
  • Fine and airy, this miraculous formula offers the elegance of perfectly-tamed hair in addition to a divine luster and enhanced movement.
    C$ 57.00
  • Luxurious volumizing mousse.
    C$ 41.00
  • Energizes and refreshes the scalp Reinforces the hair mass.
    C$ 43.00
  • For thinning hair which is losing its volume.
    C$ 43.00
  • The delicate texture of this mask supplies smoothness and lightness to hair lacking thickness and offers fuller hair fibers from roots to ends.
    C$ 68.00
  • This mousse instantly transforms the hair fibers. Thickness, from roots to ends, is like added on and yet the fiber maintains a supple feel.
    C$ 47.00