Oils & Leave-Ins

The last step of the hair care routine & the precursor to styling, these products finish the job started by the shower routine. Used after every shampoo + masque or conditioner, each oil & leave-in treatment offers specific benefits based on their respective ranges.

  • Beautifying treatment oil with Oléo-Complexe that provides ultimate softness and nourishment. For sublime shine, nothing compares to Elixir Ultime.
    C$ 57.00
  • Delicate perfume for all hair types. The ultimate touch of shine and softness.
    C$ 72.00
  • Moisturizing oil-mist for dull, devitalized hair
    C$ 57.00
  • Intensive scalp and hair treatment to visibly reduce hair loss and hair thinning.
    C$ 74.00
  • Versatile beautifying treatment for colored hair, with Oléo-Complexe and Imperial Tea.
    C$ 56.00
  • A multi-use 99% natural oil blend that nourishes, and boosts the hair and skin
    C$ 60.00
  • This nutritive balm was designed to treat and texturize severely dried-out hair. This creamy leave-in balm immediately melts into hair to smooth, soften and add shine.
    C$ 48.00
  • The first solid oil serum, a beauty touch up that protects and regenerates the most sensitized zones of hair: ends, highlights & frizz.
    C$ 40.00
  • Hair beauty initiated at its source. The 1st hair serum to impulse the growth of stronger, shinier hair by Kérastase.
    C$ 57.00
  • This mousse instantly transforms the hair fibers. Thickness, from roots to ends, is like added on and yet the fiber maintains a supple feel.
    C$ 47.00
  • Translucent no-rinse spray lotion that disciplines even the frizziest and most unmanageable hair.
    C$ 57.00
  • Fine and airy, this miraculous formula offers the elegance of perfectly-tamed hair in addition to a divine luster and enhanced movement.
    C$ 57.00
  • The first* dual reconstructive serum that repairs damaged & split ends. *from Kérastase
    C$ 48.00
  • This expansion spray brings long-lasting, substantial volume, with natural and supple hold.
    C$ 48.00
  • Smoothing controlling care for dry and rebellious hair.
    C$ 45.00