Kérastase Résistance rebuilds the internal substance of hair that has been weakened by exterior aggressors to restore its strength and solidity. It restores inner strength that can be seen from the outside: the regenerated hair is left beautifully healthy-looking. Without exterior help, the hair cannot regain its initial properties. It is necessary to help it reinforce its intercellular cement with molecules that have a similar structure, while creating an anti-aggression shield on the surface to stop the vicious cycle of weakening.

Total price for Resistance : C$167.00

Total price for Resistance : C$141.00

Total price for Resistance : C$93.00


Reinforcing and refinishing shampoo. The hair fibre is strengthened from the inside and on the surface. Increases the fibre's resistance to wear. The hair's body and firmness are restored.


Reinforcing and refinishing treatment for damaged lengths and ends. Reconstruction treatments for weakened hair that repair both the hair fibre's internal structure and outer defensive layer.


The fibre is strengthened from within; the hair surface is fully coated with supple, ultra-efficient "shock-proofing". The hair's strength and shine are restored, while its fluidity and softness are preserved. It is smoothed, tamed and easier to style. Ciment Thermique: the cult product for blow-drying.