Meet Luigi Murenu, undisputed maestro of couture styling. He is the master hairdresser leading the creation of the Kérastase Couture Styling range. But he is so much more…



Master hairdresser Luigi Murenu was born in Sardinia in 1964, the same year Kérastase was born… an auspicious omen for a man who has been constantly moving forward for the past 18 years. Fueled by his passions, one of which is dance, his styles evoke movement—curves, spirals, shapes—and they’re never stiff. His vibrant looks are full of life and motion, infused with creative energy. Luigi sees styling as an extension of the woman herself rather than just an accessory. Kérastase chose Luigi Murenu because he is the uncontested master of customized hairstyles that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision.


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