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La Tresse: See the Look

La Tresse

The braid re-invented: structured, elegant yet sports-luxe.

The perfect dichotomy between daring boldness and innocence. A modern take on a classic. A statement-making look. The classic braid takes on a new identity, twisted, rather than woven, into tight ropes emerging ever so elegantly from a tight bun. Gone are the days of the classic ballerina bun, or the schoolgirl braids of the past.


Fix Fabulous

Fix Fabulous

Creative fixing spray

Sophistication and fixation meet at last.The high precision diffusion of fix fabulous texturizes the hair to better style and sculpt. Sophisticated or ingeniously tousled, fix fabulous beautifies and highlights a style with shine, much like a couturier’s finishing details on a haute couture garment. Lioness’ manes are held gracefully, opulent chignons reach higher heights, and carelessly laissez-faire looks come to life without ever being stiff or stagnant.

Style Guide

Not as seen on a playground, the braid has made a grown-up comeback. The phenomenon of the year is unquestionably the braid. Not just any old braid through, the new braids are twisted, transformed into crowns, voluminous and everything but the pig-tail plaits seen on 1990s swing-sets. See them on runways, in editorials, on every woman in real life, or even in the cult TV-series Game of Thrones. Big this year, but there’s one thing for sure: the braid is here to stay.

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