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Great Gatsby

The eternal glamour of the roaring twenties is an ideal dress-up for short hair.

Fatal Attraction

This red carpet favorite hairstyle makes every woman feel like a femme fatale.

Brigitte Bardot Bombshell

Get the iconic carefree bouffant à la Brigitte Bardot - very French, but also universal.

Perfect Ponytail

Ponies are the little black dress of the hair world, easy to wear and always so chic.

Waves To Go Styling

So laid-back that it looks just out of bed, effortlessly cool and sensual wavy hair.

Chic Sleek

Rock'n'roll but sober, straight hair is the ultimate power look.

High Society

Inspired by the icons of modern jet set, this hairstyle is daring but also elegant.

Disco Curls

Inspired by the divas of Studio 54, modern curls have the definition but also the freedom.

Curl Power

For a wild and free look, let your curls go crazy!

Red Carpet Look

The look inspired by the eternal divas of Hollywood, black and white movies of the golden age of the cinema.

Petite Bouffante

Try this easy ascending blow dry on short hair to create sleek modern volume.

Short Casual Texture

Use this technique for a beach effect on short hair with a loose natural finish.

Short Gatsby Waves

Give you short hair a modern retro look with defined waves using this technique.

Luscious Sculpted Waves

Sculpted waves give you that Hollywood glam with stand-out softness and shine.

Ruched Curls

With this technique, obtain loose lively curls for a sexy dolce vita silhouette.

Smooth Lean Lengths

Here is how to achieve an everyday sleek and smooth blow out.

Natural Beach Waves

A single product and single technique to build and polish your finish in a few minutes. A trendy blow-dry has never been so easy.

Modern Bouffant

The modern bouffant is the perfect way to add dramatic lift with a cushion effect at the roots.

Ponytail With A Twist

Treat your hair with an effortless, haute couture ponytail with a wraparound twist.

Great Gatsby