Thinning hair and loss of vitality is a common problem among Canadian women. With it’s newly launched Densifique routine, Kérastase is able to address the issues of thinning and dull hair that lacks vitality using this 3-step regimen.

First come the worries of getting high marks, then come the pressures of making the right career moves. Before you know it, the second baby’s on its way! The stressful lives we lead are taking their toll on our energy levels, our overall health, our skin and our hair. To make things worse, pollution and other external environmental factors are added to this crowded mix, further weakening our bodies.

It’s no secret that throughout her life, the hair of a woman changes and evolves. Due to hormonal changes, health issues, or stressful life-styles, her hair will lose its thickness and fullness, her ends will become dull, and her fibers will become more prone to breakage.

This May, Kérastase introduces a simple yet highly effective hair regimen to address the problem of loss of vitality faced by so many Canadian women. The routine adds visible thickness, fullness and substance to fatigued hair. Don’t take our word for it, watch three women tell their stories and share their experiences trying the new Densifique Collection.

 The shampoo component of this regimen, Bain Densité, is  custom-designed to re-pulp and thicken hair. It’s enriched with hyaluronic acid and gluco-peptides which work together to supply thickness, substance, and tone. You’ll notice your hair will feel noticeably thicker, fuller, more resistant, and suppler.
Bain Densité DENSIFIQUE Kérastase

STEP 2: TREAT: The second step in your Densifique routine is the treatment using Masque Densité which will replenish and thicken. This is where you’ll get your transformation boost. We’re loving the light creamy texture of this mask which leaves our hair feeling smooth and light. It’s the perfect boost to hair lacking thickness and offers fuller hair fibers from roots to ends.

Here’s a special tip for best results: After hair is properly rinsed of shampoo, towel-dry hair and massage Masque Densité into the hair from roots to ends. After leaving-in for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Masque Densité DENSIFIQUE Kérastase

 Your hair has now been primed and treated. It’s time to add that va-va-voom factor with the texturizing mousse Densimorphose. Don’t underestimate the power and strength of this densifying treatment mousse which has important ingredients that are essential in achieving the results we’ve been working towards. This mousse will leave your hair feeling supple and light yet noticeably fuller.

Another tip from the experts: when using Densimorphose, don’t be afraid to use a healthy serving (we recommend applying an orange-sized amount). Apply it to your washed and towel-dried hair using a comb making sure you work your way from roots to tips. You can even apply the mousse along the length of the comb and comb through. Then, it’s up to you to style it however which way you want! In need of ideas? Take a look at how to achieve some of our favorite looks at home by clicking here!

Mousse Densimorphose DENSIFIQUE Kérastase

It’s time to jump-start your return to denser hair. You can find out more about the Densifique Routine here.

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