Kérastase invited 6 Canadian bloggers to discover & test the full Discipline experience and share their comments & feedback with their readers on how Discipline reduced their frizz, made their hair smoother and saved them extra blow-dry time.

After 1 month of testing, the bloggers have covered all the grounds in sharing their experience with the new Kérastase Discipline line. To find out more about Discipline, both the in-salon treatment and the at-home routine, head here.

Meet the bloggers:

Discipline the bloggers


Top row, left to right: Eleni McMullin from Convey The Moment, Stephanie Fusco from StephanieFusco, Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair

Bottom row, left to right: Monika Hibbs from Monika Hibbs, Jenny from Crazy Style Love, Cynthia Dulude from Maquillage Cynthia

Why these bloggers?

The beauty of the Discipline line is that it works on many different hair types, from fine hair to thick coarse hair. The treatment and at-home routine does not transform the hair fibre, Discipline simply elevates each of these bloggers’ different hair types to their most perfect state allowing them to style their hair any which way they desire, without ever leaving it feeling stiff. This new collection naturally enhances the movement of the hair while controlling fly-aways and frizz: it is truly about Smoothness in Motion.

What was the test?

Each blogger was invited for a few hours of pampering at one of Kérastase’s salons carrying the Discipline line in their city. They were offered the Discipline protocol which each blogger has taken the time to carefully describe in their blog posts. [To find out more about the Discipline Protocole, click here]. A one-of-a-kind process that left them impressed for weeks on end. Here are some of their comments:The-bloggers-Testify-2

To maintain the benefits of the salon protocol, the bloggers bathed and treated their hair over the next few weeks with the Kérastase Discipline at-home routine [available here]. The benefits lasted between 10 and 21 shampoos depending on the blogger’s hair: they observed less frizz, fewer fly-aways, softer and smoother hair, faster and easier blow-drying, and overall better manageability.


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