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The Best Ingredients for Blonde Hair Care

CURL MANIFESTO Now is the Time to Embrace
Your Natural Hair

From naturally wavy, curly, or coily hair, your strands deserve to be shown off in all their glory.

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Overcome the rocky relationship you’ve had with your strands and embrace your natural curly hair with Kerastase. Introducing Curl Manifesto, a line of luxury professional curly hair products carefully curated to help you get the most out of your hair, whether it’s wavy, curly or coily.


Time to Embrace Your Curls

Before hair straightening was the norm, women with curly hair didn’t have access to widespread curly hair products and in-salon expertise to treat and properly care for their natural curly hair. Although all hair types are biologically the same, curly hair has hardly been celebrated, and in many cases is never prioritized.

That's my Curl type

But curly hair types deserve the best of care and whether you have soft waves, bouncy curls or corkscrew coils, thanks to Curl Manifesto, there is no better time to embrace what you were born with than now.

Greatness, we’re all born with it. It’s not about being the greatest. It’s about manifesting and embracing our true self, and celebrating our inner and outer beauty. Love your shape, love your coils, love your curls.

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That's my Curl type

Meet Your Curl Manifesto

Curl Manifesto is the ultimate professional care for all curly hair types, offering a unique combination of hydration, strength and definition. Kérastase has made it a mission to create a collection of products that enhances the beauty of your natural curls whilst making the care and styling easy.


A line of 7 curly hair products and an in-salon treatment, Curl Manifesto is a solution to a double challenge enabling you to balance the intense moisture needs of your curls with pattern definition. The end goal? To help every woman feel confident about the natural shape of their hair.


Curly hair is the most demanding hair type; sebum at the scalp doesn’t migrate so hair is often dry, while the density of some curly hair types can mean the scalp is less accessible (which can lead to scalp issues like dryness and irritation). There are areas of increased porosity and strands are prone to tangling (and we all know how much fun detangling can be).

That's my Curl type

That's my Curl type

Curl Manifesto addresses these pain points and gives curly-haired women the best curly hair products that are specifically designed to fight unwanted frizz, rid tangles, support hold and definition. Our products won’t ever weigh your curls down. There are three simple routines to ensure your natural hair, whether its Type 2 Waves, Type 3 curls or Type 4 coils, is truly cared for.

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That's my Curl type

Curl Manifesto allows you to love yourself, a sensorial and luxury self-care moment for you and your natural curly hair. The products engage all senses with ultra-refined textures, and addictive fragrances. Finally, curly haired women have a solution that delivers the exact necessary amount of care and definition, while offering a luxurious experience true to Kérastase.


. Whether it’s taking the time to nourish your curls with a masque or detangling with an oil, Curl Manifesto supports you in being truly yourself. A haircare line that enhances your natural beauty and supports you in being proud of who you are. Curl Manifesto enables you to cherish what makes you unique, because that’s what makes you beautiful inside and out.

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