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Please tell us about yourself

Hi, my name is Celina, and I am a principal hairstylist at Radford Studio. I’ve been doing hair professionally for about 7 years, but really, it’s something I’ve been interested in my whole life. I think it became more of a passion when I started high school. I was fortunate that the high school I attended had a cosmetology course that I was able to take. This really helped me learn the basics before going into hair school. I also did co-op at a salon when I was 17, just before graduating, and this then confirmed my love for all things’ beauty.

That's my Curl type


What was your experience growing up with curls?

That's my Curl type

This is where my passion started forming. As a little girl growing up with curls – which no other little girl had at my school – it was tough. I did face a lot of bullying from having curly hair because neither my mom nor I knew how to style it, so it was always a frizzy mess!

I come from a mixed race of Spanish and Italian. My mom has these thick beautiful curls and my dad is bald, so I have superfine hair with natural 3B curls. There was minimal education and no stylists that had experience with fine curly hair growing up, so I ended up flat ironing my hair pretty much every day although that didn’t help because the humidity in Canada is just awful. My hair would eventually be a lion’s mane once I got home!

It was hard to love myself at that age, never mind my curls, but soon enough that little girl became an expert in all things’ beauty...


How did you learn to embrace your natural curls?

Curl Manifesto

Curl Manifesto

Curl Manifesto


I finally started embracing my curls shortly after I finished hair school. All the tips and tricks I learned (and no, there was not enough education for curly hair) encouraged me to test different products in my hair that would help give it volume and definition. It’s all about the volume, baby! I eventually figured out a curly routine that worked for me and started embracing my gorgeous curls! It’s funny because I started receiving so many compliments, but still I was bullied as a child, so what changed? It wasn’t just figuring out how to control frizz – it was my confidence. I love my curls, and no one can tell me otherwise.


If you could turn back time, what would you say to your younger self?


I think about this a lot. I wish I could go back in time and just give my little self a big hug and tell her, “You’re going to change the world one day”. The most beautiful people are the ones who are beautiful on the inside, nothing else matters. Nobody can make you feel anything you don’t want to, only you can make yourself cry. Embracing your natural beauty is the most powerful thing a woman can do – and you are much more influential than you realize.

That's my Curl type


How do you achieve the perfect and healthy curl look? Any tips?

That's my Curl type

I love using a hydrating mask at least once a week to keep my hair healthy and using a leave-in conditioner while my hair is still wet – this is key. Using products on the hair while it’s still wet will help minimize frizz and allow the products to really absorb into the hair.

I don’t think there is a “perfect” curl look, though. I think with every wash day there will be a new outcome even if I do the exact same steps. But that’s the beauty of it! There is no such thing as perfection in beauty, so have fun with it!


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