Elixir Ultime

Elixir Ultime Imperial Tea

Elixir Ultime Millenium Rose

Elixir Ultime Immortal Moringa

Hair Type

For Normal Hair

For Colored Hair

For Fine and Sensitized Hair

for Damaged Hair


Versatile beautifying treatment with Oléo-Complexe, association of four precious oils: Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi.

Versatile beautifying treatment for colored hair, with Oléo-Complexe and Imperial Tea.

Versatile beautifying treatment for fine and sensitized hair, with Oléo-Complexe and Millenium Rose.

Versatile beautifying treatment for damaged hair, with Oléo-Complexe and Immortal Moringa.


The alchemy of four precious oils to beautify hair. The secret of magnificent hair is revealed. With a few drops of Elixir Ultime, hair is transformed into silky, weightless matter.

Coloured hair is left feeling beautifully nourished and protected, looking radiant and glossy with a sensual softness.

Fine and sensitized hair feels delicately nourished. It looks shiny and smooth with a lightweight touch.

Damaged hair is left beautifully conditioned, looking smooth and soft to the touch.


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54 $

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54 $

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