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Vitamin C Hair Serum
for Dry Hair & Scalp

Discover the newest Serum Treatment for Dry & Oily Scalp by Kérastase. Formulated with Vitamin C & Prebiotics to moisturize scalp and increase hair volume & health.

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Specifique Potentialiste Hair Serum by Kérastase

Preserves scalp barrier and eliminates excess sebum to combat oily, dry & itchy scalp while increasing hair volume for longer. This revolutionary dry scalp formula allows you to treat and moisturize your dry scalp at home.

Formulated To Improve Scalp Health With Prebiotics and Vitamin C

• 10% bifidus bacteria.
• Protects and fortifies microbiome against daily external stressors.

Vitamin C
• Next generation antioxidant.
• Neutralizes the effect of daily aggressors responsible for unhealthy & greasy hair.

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New Specifique Divalent

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The 1st Durable Action Balancing Scalp Serum and Moisturizer For Roots Prone To Scalp Greasing & Itchiness

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+54% deep root cleansing*

+92% Instant volume*

+81% Fiber Hydration*


Formulated with Amino Acids

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Dual Action Actives With Unique Hair Affinity
To Regulate Sebum Cycle and Rebalance Hydration

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