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The Best Ingredients for Blonde Hair Care The Best Ingredients for Blonde Hair Care

BLOND ABSOLU Extreme Care For the Boldest Blondes


At Kérastase, we have a heritage of professional hair care dating back to 1964 which equips us with an ultimate passion to discover the best practices and most powerful ingredients for a perfect hair care routine. For the boldest blondes who dare anything, we care with the most effective ingredients.

First Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid Duo

The most powerful moisturizing ingredient known to science, hyaluronic acid possesses the incredible ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water. A superstar skincare ingredient beloved by beauty buffs, it brings a plumping effect and a revitalized appearance to everything it touches, providing deep-penetrating, hydrated nutrition to bleached, sensitized hair.

The Best Ingredients for Blonde Hair Care

The new hyaluronic acid duo features upgraded hydrating power via a special formulation of low- and high-weight molecules. The low-weight molecule is 50x lighter, so it can deeply penetrate and hydrate the hair fiber. The high weight molecule plumps the fiber so hair can recover elasticity and strength. The result is soft, nourished hair, even for the most extreme blondes.

Second Active Ingredient:
Edelweiss Oil

Sourced from the glaciers of the Alps, the Edelweiss flower might look delicate but it is famous for its ability to resist climate and environmental changes. Already proven in skincare, Edelweiss is prominent in the Cicaextreme formulas in a rich oil that softens and nourishes the hair fiber for shine and health. Its anti-oxidative powers protect hair from everyday damage.

How to Level Up your Blonde Hair Care Routine

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