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Travel-Size Bain Densite

Bodifying shampoo to amp up hair density.

Travel-Size Bain Densite

Travel-Size Bain Densite

Bodifying shampoo to amp up hair density.



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Product Benefits

Bain Densité is a daily thickening shampoo designed for people searching how to make hair thick and dense. This thickening shampoo contains vitamins for thicker hair and a Power Renewal Complex + Ceramide technology to restore and strengthen the hair fiber while protecting against further hair stress. The inclusion of Gluco-Peptide restores hair of a smooth, uniform surface to the hair cuticle to increase shine and resiliency. Thin hair is a concern of the past as strong hair is restored with use of this thickening shampoo. Dormant follicules are awakened to give more texture, substance and resilience to hair. Body and bounce are restored for strong hair that appears visibly fuller and thicker looking.

  • Enhanced bounce & body
  • Awakens dormant follicules of hair
  • More texture, substance and resilience
  • Hair is more resistant
  • Hair is fully densified
  • Strengthens hair fiber
  • Hair appears thicker

Key Ingredients

How to Use

How to use our Thickening Shampoo, Bain Densité:
Step 1. Apply a hazelnut sized amount of this thickening shampoo to damp hair.
Step 2. Emulsify and massage through hair.
Step 3. Rinse thickening shampoo completely out hair.
Step 4. Pair with Fondant Densité, for best results and strong hair.
The best product for people with fine hair, I use it myself and find it nice and light. It provides great shine and makes me feel like I have more hair. The smell is amazing!

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