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The Science Behind Hair That Twists and Turns.

That's my Curl type

Have you ever wondered why some hair is straight, and some curly? The scientists at Kérastase are eternally intrigued by the way in which hair behaves. We harnessed the power of L’Oreal research to analyze all curly hair types in 23 countries around the world. Here’s what we found.


All hair textures are biologically the same. Where they differ is in the actual shape of the fibre and the follicle. Curly hair is born deep in the scalp from a curved bulb, and takes its winding shape due to irregularly distributed keratin, the building blocks of hair. Individuals with natural curly hair often opt for the keratin treatment for this very reason.

The 3 Ways Curly Hair is Special

Though all hair is biologically the same, natural curly hair has distinctive characteristics that demand a different approach to care.

1. Curls are naturally drier and more porous.

In general, curly hair is more porous than straight hair, which alters its ability to absorb and retain moisture and caring agents. For this reason, dry curly hair needs very rich, nourishing care.

That's my Curl type

That's my Curl type

2. Curls are thinner and more fragile.

Because of its texture, curly hair is more delicate and easily sensitizes. It tends to take more wear and tear from daily heated hair styling tools, braiding, and even sleeping. Exposure to the mechanical stress of brushing and detangling can lead to hair breakage. A study conducted on curly hair shows that combing requires 5-50x the force of straight hair. Extra strengthening products are essential.

3. Curls have a spiral shape that makes it difficult for oils and caring agents to migrate from root to tip.

On straight hair, care products can easily slide along the length of the fibre, hydrating further down the shaft. Due to the shape of the curl, caring agents do not reach as easily. The key to curly hair care is to add gliding agents to help diffuse frizz.

That's my Curl type



Curls Deserve The Best Care

We celebrate all curly hair types and textures. Through scientific curiosity and cultural inquiry, Kérastase is working to address the special demands of all curls and coils. We continue to apply our philosophy of innovation to make the impossible possible, providing three key benefits to curly hair:


Swimming Pool

1. Hydration with fine Manuka Honey to heal porosity and nourish the fibre.

Salt & Sand

2. Strength with biomimetic ceramide that acts like the hair’s own “cement,” deep in the cortex.

UV Exposure

3. Glide with diffusing Glycerin that carry ingredients from root to tip for perfect curl definition.

At last, luxury meets performance in a curly hair care line that empowers women to wear their beautiful, natural curls with confidence and pride.



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