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The Many Shapes of Curls

That's my Curl type

Curls, curls, everywhere. Curly hair comes in so many shapes and textures, an infinite spectrum of individual beauty. Each woman wears hers in her own way, a halo of pride and confidence. But what kind of curls do you have, and how does that determine your hair care routine?


Curly hair artists talk a lot about “curl pattern.” Not all curly hair has the same shape, and each requires a carefully curated hair care routine. A single person can have several different hair curl patterns. Understanding curly hair types can help you determine the best course of action toward achieving the healthiest, most beautiful curls possible.

Type 1: Wavy Hair

Wavy hair takes on a S shape or spirals down from the hair root. The fibre is thin, so it can easily be weighed down by heavy products. Its loose curls allow for natural oils to travel down the shaft, so only a medium amount of extra moisture and nutrition is necessary. An ultra-lightweight conditioner can reduce unwanted frizz and define the curl pattern. We recommend low heat styling and consistent care to define natural curl movement and keep ends from becoming overprocessed and dry.

That's my Curl type

That's my Curl type

Type 2: Very Curly

Very curly hair can come in the form of loose curls or tight, springy corkscrew curls with strands winding closely around themselves. The fibre is more porous and fragile. At the same time, because of the tighter curl shape, it’s more challenging for natural moisture to reach the ends, so very curly hair needs intense hydration and strengthening products such as a hair mask and a leave-in conditioner. We recommend detangling with a wide tooth comb (not a brush) to keep from breaking up the curl pattern. Twisting and putting curly hair up before bed is also a good idea, as is sleeping with a silk bonnet or pillowcase.

Curl Considerations

In addition to the shape of your curls, there are other characteristics that can affect the health of curly hair. Porosity, sensitivity, and fibre thickness are also factors in curly hair health. Care is also determined by your specific curl goals. Do you want to enhance your curl pattern, or achieve a softer, more elongated curl? We invite you to explore your curls with us as we prepare to launch a game-changing range of curly hair products.

At last, luxury meets performance in a curly hair care line that empowers women to wear their beautiful, natural curls with confidence and pride.



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