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The Book of Curls – All about Curly Hair from A to Z

What makes Curly Hair Unique?

What is curly hair? Discover the characteristics of curly hair and what makes curls so unique. Explore the diversity of curls around the world and dive into the history of curly hair trends.


Tips for Curly Hair

Kérastase shares our expertise for curly hair. See our washing & drying tips, tutorials and recommended tools to reveal the best of your natural curls. We also give our advice on overcoming all your curly hair challenges.


Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Wondering how to style your curly hair? See our secrets to keep natural curls overnight, step-by-step tutorials for romantic & sophisticated hairstyles and discover the ideal products for your weekend and holiday styles.


Expert Answers to Curls

Get curl envy! Meet our favorite curly haired celebrities, the true icons of history. Read an exclusive interview with our Kérastase curl expert Kattia Solano and get to know the Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal muse, famous dancer Linda Celeste Sims.