Aquasource Nuit

with P. Antarctica

Inside Aquasource Nuit

Did you know that each night, your skin can lose up to 4 times more water than in the day?
Solve your skin's hydration needs overnight with Aquasource Nuit
Active ingredients
  • P. antarctica extract
  • Mannose
  • Pure Thermal Plankton
A unique gel-turns-balm texture
94% of women reported their skin felt more moisturized after one month of treatment*.
*Self-assessment tests on 47 women

Inside P.Antarctica


In 1988 marine biologist Josefina Castellvi discovered Pseudonomas antarctica - a microorganism with incredible water-stocking capacities - in the remote Admiralty Bay on King George Island, Antarctica.

A natural reservoir

« The water-holding capacities of P. antarctica » This unique microorganism revealed by Dr. Thys, a renowned marine biologist researching the behavior of life in the ocean.

Within your skin

P. antarctica extract boosts the production of new keratinocytes*, the most prevalent epidermal skin cells. The membranes of younger cells can better lock water in, helping to prevent skin dehydration.

*in vitro tests
depth [ 0 to -10 mtr ]
temp -40°c to -90°c

eau oceane

with negative ions

inside eau oceane

Need to revitalized your body from top-to-toe ?
Discover Eau Oceane, a refreshing body fragrance
infused with the energy of the ocean.
Active ingredients
  • Marine Source Water
  • Negative ions
  • Pure Thermal Plankton
A fresh aquatic floral
fragrance inspired by the
wild North Sea.



Biotherm's biologists studied the composition of 294 sources of mineral water in 24 countries. They noted an overwhelming and consistent presence of a negatively charged ion: the bicarbonate anion.


Extracted off Brittany's pink granite coast, the source water used in Eau Oceane is awash with key minerals. Shaken all day by the strong waves of Britany, the micro organism developped a high resistance. It is fully loaded with manganese, silica and zinc known for playing a key role in improving skin barrier function, helping to hydrate and to revitalize the skin.


This highly stimulating negative ion, bicarbonate anion, boosts cellular production, and skin regeneration, promoting keratinocyte growth (+18%)* to improve overall barrier function.

*in vitro tests
English Channel


with thermal plankton cellular water

Inside Aquasource

Aquasource taps the incredible moisturizing power of mannose together with super-charged thermal plankton cellular water to help deliver deep and long-lasting hydration to the skin.
Active ingredients
  • Thermal plankton cellular water
  • Mannose
Our inconic gel texture
Now hydration goes deep 5 layers into your skin* Up to 48H hydration**
*strippings of epidermal upper layers, instrumental test on 27 women, 4 weeks **instrumental test, 24 subjects

Inside Thermal plankton


In 1952, Biotherm's founder Jeanine Marissal added thermal plankton from the mountain springs of Molitg-Les-Bains to her formulations, the first time thermal plankton was used in skincare. In 1994, Biotherm reproduces this extract by a unique biotechnological process called fermogenesisTM.


The earth's first microscopic citizen

Our story begins 3 billion years ago, when the Earth's first life form was born...

Within your skin

Rich with 35 nutrients, Pure Thermal Plankton Extract revives the skin’s vital functions* by stimulating and reinforcing cell metabolism.

*in vitro and in vivo tests
Thermal Springs
French Pyrenees

Purefect skin

with l. digitata

Inside purEfect skin

Did you know that the skin imperfections suffered in adulthood, sometimes up to the age of 40, can be due to our stressed-out modern lifestyles?
Try Purefect Skin, a global anti-imperfection solution to target and reduce early and late-onset skin irregularities, via a triple action formula: anti-shine, anti-visible pores, anti-imperfections.
Active ingredients
  • L. digitata extract + Zinc
  • Perlite
  • Pure Thermal Plankton & Vitamin E
Light textures and fresh liquid sensations
91% of women report their facial shininess is reduced after 4 weeks of use*
*Self-assessment tests on 47 Asian women

Inside l.digitata


L. digitata, a golden macro alga with incredible resistance in the face of bacterial attack, waves and currents, thrives on the coasts off the English Channel and the North Atlantic, from Brittany to Greenland.

Antibacterial by nature

« The resilience of Laminaria Digitata »

The properties of this unique macro alga explained by the renowned marine scientist Dr. Thys.

Within your skin

L. digitata extract associated with zinc fights P. acnes, the bacteria present in 90% of the most visible imperfections. It boasts a sebo-regulatory action for a pure skin effect to limit the intrinsic production of sebum.*

*in vitro tests
North Atlantic
depth [ 0 to -20 mtr ]
temp 0°c to 24°c


with l. ochroleuca

inside firm corrector

Did you know that from 20 to 70-years-old our skin looses up to 50% of collagen?
Experience a whole new definition of skin firmness with Firm Corrector.
Active ingredients
  • L. ochroleuca extract
  • Pure Thermal Plankton
A smooth and quick-absorbing texture with immediate glow and tensing effect
78% of women said their skin looked more tonic after 4 weeks of use*
*Self-assessment tests on 80 women from 35 to 55 years-old

inside l.ochroleuca


Discovered in 1822 by the baron Bachelor de la Pylaie off France’s Brittany coast, L. ochroleuca inhabits the littoral zones close to the low-water mark and depths of 100 meters, so must resist the stress of waves, currents, tides and winds.

resistant by nature
« L.ochroleuca,
the yellow treasure »

The properties of this unique yellow-colored macro alga explained by the renowned marine scientist Dr. Thys.

within YOUR SKIN

L. ochroleuca extract recreates the alga natural firm state within the skin, by boosting fundamental components of the dermal matrix*. Skin looks firmer and more toned with greater elasticity**.

*in vitro tests
** Self-assessments - 80 women - 4weeks
Celtic Sea
depth [ 0 to -30 mtr ]
temp 10°c to 22°c

white d-tox

with t.thermophilus

Inside white d-tox

Beyond melanin, toxins due to pollution can also darken the skin tone.
Lift the gray veil of pollution and reveal your complexion true rosy transparency with white d-tox.
Active ingredients
  • Venuceane®/derived from Thermus thermophilus
  • Palmaria Palmata extract
  • Actyl C
  • Pure Thermal Plankton
The lighest texture for crystal clear skin.
90% of women reported their complexion looked more radiant and 85% found it more transparent after 8 weeks of use*.
*Self-assessment tests on 52 women

Inside thermus thermophilus


Thermus thermophilus is an extremophile microorganism surviving at depths of -2000m withstanding the heavy metal pollution of a "black smoker," an underwater hydrothermal vent, in Guaymas bay, California.

Detoxifying by nature

« natural power of thermus thermophilus »

The natural properties of this unique micro-organism explained by the renowned marine scientist Dr. Thys.

Within your skin

Thermus thermophilus extract, Venuceane®, helps to neutralize epidermal toxins. Epidermal cells are like "depolluted" and purified of the toxins and melanin residues which tarnish the complexion. *

*in vitro tests
Pacific Ocean
depth [ -2000 mtr ]
temp <72°c

Blue therapy

With a. Flos-aquae, l. Ochroleuca & pure thermal plankton

A new theory of skin aging: the 20/80 effect

Only 20% of signs of aging are inevitable. 80% are due to external factors - especially uv rays - and can be visibly repaired.

Inside Blue therapy

Did you know that only 20% of signs of aging are inetivable?
Blue therapy erases accumulated aging to reveal your younger-looking skin.
Visible results after 4 weeks*
  • Smoother skin 94%
  • More even complexion 86%
  • Firmer skin 82%
*Clinical self-assessment on 50 women over 4 weeks.
An oil-in-water dispersion system with a unique gel texture.
Repairs up to 8 years of visible accumulated damages in 4 weeks**
**Clinical test, 41 subjects, 4 weeks. Improvement of aging signs equivalent in years.

Inside the trio complex

Blue therapy concentrates the power of a unique fusion of 3 active aquatic extracts from 3 different waters.
Together, these organic ingredients multiply their individual benefits to remove the marked signs of age and reveal the true skin.

Forces of nature

P.Antarctica emulates the capacity of the micro-organism to maintain water stocks and enable it to survive in the icy temperatures of Antarctica.

On your skin

P.Antarctica extract boosts the production of new keranocytes, the most prevalent epidermal skin cells. Fresh and well moisturized, your skin is totally regenerated.

L. Ochroleuca
  • Macro alga
  • Celtic Sea
Unique properties
  • Withstands relentless waves, currents and tides
  • Its extract helps maintain the balance of the skin and stimulates the synthesis of firming agents of the dermis.
A. Flos-aquae
  • Micro alga
  • Upper Klamath lake (USA)
Unique properties
  • First photosynthetic oxygen-producing organism
  • Regenerates, boosts keratinocyte proliferation and reinforces the extracellular structure.
Pure thermal plankton
  • Plankton
  • Thermal spring, french Pyrenees
Unique properties
  • Revives the skin's vital functions
  • Strengthens and protects the skin from sun burn cells formation.
Upper Klamath Lake