Dry, weak and thinning out all because it was tangled and snapping, my hair was an absolute nightmare to manage. What else are curls for, right?

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Then I said hello to the new Kerastase Nutritive Irisome collection and well, things started making a turn for the better. Bringing the strength back in to my strands, it was just what it needed.

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My obsession with Crystaliste will never falter but my weak hair needed something a little stronger for some intense nourishment. Enter Nutritive and it’s getting it’s life back! The best part? This repairing technology is immunizing my locks to withstand the damage of the downtown, city life and my super hot hair dryer.

I’ve always been a firm believer in applying a hair mask to dry or damp hair, the product just slides right off if your hair is wet! Imagine my excitement when I saw the pre-shampoo I kind of squealed a little inside. Dubbed as the ‘smart-starter’ the Immersion Nutritive Iris Royal complex essentially acting as the ‘toner’ for you hair. Prepping it to drink up and become a lot more receptive to the products to follow. I literally felt this product melt away in to my hair fibre and offer a new supple softness.

The original Bain Satin was my first Kerastase indulgence as a teenager but my course curls needed something even more nourishing. Bain Satin 2 Irisome complex lathers in to a silky soap to cleanse my hair with that added care.

The final part of my cleansing routine takes a little more restraint. So, I can’t restrict myself to use this once a week…is that SO bad? I find myself becoming a little addicted to the results that I get after using the Masquintense – it’s like each strand has been plumped up with nourishing lipids and the strength and shine is unbeatable.

Styling my hair is a set routine of using my Ciment Thermique, Volumifique Spray and Elixir Ultime. Nothing gets my hair looking as post-salon-styling as this trio does. It’s a 1-2-3 that my girlfriend, Anna got me in to and now I can’t stop. Thanks for the good habit, Anna!

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But then there were four… Just when you thought you didn’t need to add another step to your haircare something perfect comes along to make you realize what you’re missing. The final touch to my styling, Touche Perfection Re-plumping balm makes my ends look like I have totally healthy, virgin hair. Cheating it is totally acceptable, right?

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