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5 Reasons To Visit the Salon During the Holidays

It’s an incredible time of year. There are projects to finish up, appearances to make and gifts to give. But what about taking time to relax, not to mention looking your best for all the upcoming festivities? Here’s why we think it’s time to book a salon appointment.

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The Luxury of the Local Salon

Visiting your favorite salon is an intimate experience unlike any other. Your hairdresser knows exactly how to rejuvenate you for the holiday season and make gift recommendations for everyone on your list. We’re giving you a few reasons why you should support your local hairdressers and pop into your favorite salon.

Because you need rejuvenation

1. Because you need rejuvenation.

Everyone agrees the holidays are fun, but can be quite hectic. It can be hard to find a few minutes to yourself. Schedule a salon appointment to give yourself a refreshing break from all the madness. It’ll make the rest of the season that much more enjoyable.

Because you need gift inspiration

2. Because you need gift inspiration.

It’s gifting time, so you have a lot of shopping to do. Why not multi-task and pick up a few indulgences for your friends and family at the salon? Your stylist can make recommendations for everyone on your list. Don’t forget yourself!

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3. Because hair gets dull in winter.

Winter is harsh in many parts of the world. Hair can become stressed and sensitized, prone to brittleness and breakage from exposure to the cold, dry air. Call your Kérastase salon and book a Fusio-Dose treatment, customized to quickly address your immediate hair concerns. After this, you’ll be radiant and ready for the holidays!

Because it’s cozy

4. Because it’s cozy.

As temperatures grow cold and the bustle of shopping and year-end activities picks up, it is incredibly indulgent to take refuge at the salon. Relax with a fashion magazine and let an assistant bring you a cup of coffee. Wear your most comfortable outfit and enjoy the me-time. And what is cozier than a good blowout?

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5. Because you have appearances to make.

The holidays are when loved ones come together, and we all want to look and feel our best during these cherished and well-deserved moments - whether in person or virtually. As we celebrate the closing of a very unique year, treat yourself and indulge in a blowout and luxury treatment so that your loved ones remember that throughout the ups and downs, you and your hair still shine.

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Need more inspiration to find the ideal gift? We’ve got three more ways to get it just right.

Shop by Event

What is her next great adventure ?

A ski holiday? A new business venture? Her wedding? Choose a gift that will enhance her most exciting plans for the new year.

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Shop by Ritual

What is her beauty routine ?

Is she all gloss and glam, or more of an undone French-girl type? These gift ideas will fit right into her everyday self-care rituals.

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Shop by Advice

Who does she identify with ?

Choose gifts based on recommendations from influencers and fans who are most like your gift recipient.

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Shop by Price Point

What would you like to spend ?

The simplest way to do it. Just decide the appropriate amount, and we’ll make sure you’ll find something she loves, whatever level you choose.

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