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  • Shampoo that gently cleanses and supplies evenly distributed care without weighing down the hair.
    C$ 68.00
  • Value of $84. Restructuring and resurfacing shampoo for very weakened hair.
    C$ 67.00
  • for thinning hair, prone to hair loss
    C$ 74.00
  • Beautifying treatment oil with Oléo-Complexe that provides ultimate softness and nourishment. For sublime shine, nothing compares to Elixir Ultime.
    C$ 57.00
  • This custom-designed shampoo supplies thickness, substance, and tone. The hair is left thicker, fuller, more resistant, and suppler.
    C$ 45.00
  • Value of $84. Exceptional nutrition shampoo for dry to very dry and sensitized hair.
    C$ 66.00
  • Reconstructing blow-dry care for weakened hair
    C$ 49.00
  • Value of $84. Luminous softening hair bath for highlighted or sensitised coloured hair.
    C$ 67.00
  • NEW
    The light, featherlike creamy care formula of Fondant Densité brings instant roots lift-up and body with no weighing down.
    C$ 43.00
  • The first rinse-out treatment in the form of a transparent gel that helps the hair to create feather-light volume.
    C$ 48.00
  • Luminous Perfecting Masque. Nourished, free-flowing hair.
    C$ 66.00
  • Designed for dry hair, this polishing nutritive milk acts as a thermo protector for hair exposed to styling tools.
    C$ 49.00
  • Conditioning treatment with creamy fluid emulsion for supple, nourished and strengthened hair.
    C$ 50.00
  • Value of $84. Colour radiance protecting shampoo.
    C$ 67.00
  • Luminous Perfecting Masque. Nourished, free-flowing hair.
    C$ 22.00