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  • for thinning hair, prone to hair loss
  • Beautifying treatment oil with Oléo-Complexe that provides ultimate softness and nourishment. For sublime shine, nothing compares to Elixir Ultime.
  • Limited Quantity

    Give the Gift of Colour Protection. Limited Edition Chroma Riche gift set for coloured hair. Complete care routine for highlighted or sensitised coloured hair.

    C$146.00 C$104.00
  • The first thickening effect shampoo that helps fine hair to create a feather-light volume.
  • Designed for normal to slightly dry hair, this nutrition conditioner deeply treats the hair for a healthy soft touch.
  • When exeriencing a quality alternation in hair mass, a lack of body due to thinning hairs, and weakened fibers more prone to breakage, use this cleanser & treatment. The combined action of the re-pulping and thickening shampoo with that of the masque with it's light-cream texture supplies smoothness and lightness to hair lacking thickness and offers fuller hair fibers from roots to ends.
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  • Designed for dry and sensitized hair, this nourishing shampoo provides key nutriments to soften hair from root to tip.
  • For scalp issues of declining hair mass, the Stimuliste GL line rebuilds the optimal scalp conditions for healthy natural hair growth. Together, the Bain Stimuliste GL and Soin Densitive GL will restore strength, help in the production of natural colagen and nourish the fiber for a stronger and longer lifecycle.
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  • Kérastase invents the 1st energising shampoo targeting thinning hair. Immediatly the hair is denser.
  • Designed for dry hair, this polishing nutritive milk acts as a thermo protector for hair exposed to styling tools.
  • This nourishing shampoo provides key nutriments to soften normal to slightly dry hair from root to tip.
  • Oil-cataplasm : a deep infusion of precious oils for lavish care, as precious as gold.
  • 1st high affinity cleansing oil : the richest and most precious jewel for lavish cleansing and incomparable softness.
  • Hair beauty initiated at its source. The 1st hair serum to impulse the growth of stronger, shinier hair by Kérastase.
  • This custom-designed shampoo supplies thickness, substance, and tone. The hair is left thicker, fuller, more resistant, and suppler.