Scalp Issues

The scalp can often be very weak after being subject to factors such as stress, air pollution and hormonal imbalances. The appearance of dandruff, itching and hair loss are visible signs of this. The "Spécifique" range provides an effective solution since its major asset is how it targets problems based on the scalp's condition. This is done through using adapted products, starting with shampoo. These extremely gentle baths are formulated to exfoliate, regulate or tone. The scalp is no longer subject to internal imbalances and the beauty of hair is restored.

  • Smart balancing hair bath for combination hair, oily roots and sensitised lengths and ends.
  • Kérastase invents the 1st energising shampoo targeting thinning hair. Immediatly the hair is denser.
  • Hypoallergenic cleansing soothing shampoo for Sensitive Scalp.
  • for thinning hair, prone to hair loss